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Specialist Repair All Multibrand Premium Handphone
Jl. Rawa Bahagia III No 8 Grogol - Jakarta Barat 11450
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Service iPad 4


Audiojack atau Audio Flexicable, Harga: Rp 350,000
Antenna, Harga: Rp 450,000
Camera, Harga: Rp 350,000
Charging Dock Flexicable, Harga: Rp 400,000
Home Button, Harga: Rp 350,000
Hearing Speaker, Harga: Rp 250,000
LCD Broken atau Crack, Harga: Rp 900,000
LCD Proximity Sensor, Harga: Rp 450,000
Mic, Harga: Rp 350,000
New Battery, Harga: Rp 650,000
Power on/off Button atau On/off flexicable, Harga: Rp 450,000
Replacement Complete housing, Harga: Rp 1,500,000 (3G) Rp 1,300,000 (non 3G)
Replacement Backcover Harga: Rp 900,000 (3G) Rp 600,000 (non 3G)
Sim Card Reader, Harga: Rp 500,000
Speaker, Harga: Rp 350,000
Touch Panel Digitizer, Harga: Rp 650.000
Vibrator, Harga: Rp 250,000
Volume Button atau Volume Flexicable, Harga: Rp 350,000
Wifi Antena, Harga: Rp 250,000

*note: Harga Sparepart Belum termasuk Ongkos Pemasangan Rp.100.000

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